For the Love of Dog Tale

Cannon introduces his first collection of “life stories” as told through the experiences of our canine friends.

This volume, of five intriguing dog tales, takes you on an emotional joyride you’ll forever hold truly close to your heart. These stories captivate and expose the contradictions in the lives of our canine companions in their “man eat dog world”.

See through the battle-weary eyes of a pit bull that must fight the ultimate battle outside the arena for his very existence. Rally with two courageous police dogs, risking their lives following the sordid trail of a savage serial killer. Race alongside the thundering paws of a challenged greyhound, where losing a race means losing one’s life. Share the pitiful incarceration and uncertainty of a laboratory dog as he copes with his rapidly diminishing time on this Earth. Chum along on the mean city streets with a hapless canine hobo, as he wanders into the lives of families and stumbles upon adventure after adventure, to learn tragically the painful lessons of love and its ultimate sacrifice.

Dog Tale Heroes

Meet the gang

BRISK "Believe"

The heroic gladiator and leader, fighting for his life and the lives of his companions while helplessly trapped inside an illegal dog fighting ring.

HELENA "Courage"

The first female canine accepted into the major city police academy overwhelmed by the bigotry from her peers and attempting to track down a serial killer- will she have what it takes to save her master in time?

RAMROD "Persevere"

A competitor on the dog racing circuit it’s a must- Either win or die! Travel with this young pup as he criss cross the entire U.S. to fulfill a promise to his dying mother: to finally capture that ever elusive white rabbit.

11736 "Evolve"

Once the lead dog and reigning athletic champion of the Alaskan iditarod race, now a lab specimen reflecting, and counting down those last fleeting moments of existence.


It’s the homeless hobo life! stumbing and narrowly escaping adventure after adventure yet charming countless famiies with the heart of a rambler. Most times alone, most times confused. . . can anyone explain to him- “…if love is good for you, then why does it hurt so bad?”