For the Love of Dog Tales 2

The story-telling, the fable, the book

Envision and bear witness through the seemingly simplistic mind’s eye of a wondrous canine!

The Canine story Ebe: Take a kaleidoscopic infinite cosmic time trek cast well beyond 100 billion light years!

The Canine Story Blu: Witness through the scientific machinations of their own undoing the violent and tragic last stand of known humanity within a futuristic icy abyss.

The Canine story Deake 0: Through his fateful origin, with police companions in tow, trudge through the battle weary pursuit for life and the unselfish drive for ultimate justice for our defenseless and the downtrodden.

The Feline story of Swiftclaw at Heroes Fall: Champion alongside once again with a now seasoned cat warrior’s desperate fight against a misaligned foe with the potential for unlimited irreversible deadly possibilities in its wake.

These are the challenges, these are the conquests, these are the dreams, these are the successes, and with life, these are the sometimes tragic failures.

Dog Tale Heroes

Meet the gang

Swiftclaw at Heroes Fall

Swiftclaw making her return appearance from book one. Swiftclaw an elusive tactician with stealth qualities of a ghost warrior. With the cunning craftiness of the big African cats and street-smart savvy to thrive in the belly of the Detroit city streets!  The enigmatic feline with the sultry purr of the legendary Eartha Kitt and the mastery fighting technique and acrobatic dueling wizardry of the great Bruce Lee. A former founding member of both “the original dog pack” and the cryptic “Silent Claw Clan.” Swiftclaw, the feline hero who holds her own in a dog’s world!  A misanthrope street wise, feral alley cat warrior now aged in her years, has an annoyance tag-along, Duppy the squirrel, where Swiftclaw must identify and engage a sinister presence that kidnap dogs and young children leading the city officials to pledge-  to eradicate all strays, without compunction!  The clock is ticking for her life and the lives of her friends.

Doopey the Squirrel

Doopey the squirrel 🐿️. Irritant tag along friend and default conscience of Swiftclaw. Chipper, impetuous, and annoying. She’s a high power line acrobatic with a penchant for electrical mischief!


Ebe: A stray baby pup abandoned by her mother being nearly purposely crushed with a cinder block by a troubled teen yet miraculously saved by a struggling waitress/grad student who meets a highly gifted, yet eccentric, aerospace engineer who after many years of being ignored finally get his chance at NASA. However Maceo the aerospace engineer continuously plagued with overt racism, propel Ebe in a million and one shot, due to default, being previously nothing more than a stereotypical common house dog towards getting the nod to become the 1st  earth inhabited life form to blast off in man’s first mission into deep space!  Unfortunately, due to rampant malfeasance from within Ebe dies in space.  Yet Ebe’s journey doesn’t end here just yet, 6 years in space an anomaly alien transport the size of Texas manned by 2 Greys investigating an inferior derelict transport inadvertently stow away the NASA rocket and travel beyond 100 billion light years through mystifying black holes and challenging wormholes in search of alien suns and stars to mine valuable energy to return to their home planet. During the alien craft’s final stop Ebe is purged being haplessly dumped on a strange planet where these alien residents take interest in the peculiar vessel and the contents within.  These mysterious, highly advanced creatures being cultivators of their planet wondrously revive Ebe to live again!

Deake 0:

A character of book one also which sets the story of his dramatic origin. Pretty much born dead yet revived by a caring elderly couple in the Appalachia W. Virginia mountain area. Deake born with five siblings and a most loving and doting elderly mother, “Tweety Hound”, the the last of the bloodhound canines.  As a highly sought after bloodhound breeding stock the malformed looking Deake sadly wasn’t adopted. An unpredictable span of unfortunate events occurs leading Deake the pup hunted by many of the apex predators wishing him harm in the mountainous area. Luckily, he is rescued by a vacation bound traveling family, the McCafferty’s, who gifted the pup by the father to his ten year Detroit Police veteran brother, Officer Ralph McCafferty, who initially chides the pup yet his wife smitten at first sight extend extreme love to the lowly pup. Over time much to Ralph’s displeasure yet his wife wanting him in a bureau, away from the harsh city streets, they are both transferred to the Detroit Police Canine Unit. Deake befriends 3 canine crime fighters in the unit where they are all thrust into the violent, unforgiving crime fighting evisceration machine! Here Officer McCafferty in alliance with Deake are both placed under the wing of the Bomb Disposal unit, Sgt. Barnes who’s canine, Mr. Peeps, become one of Deake’s closest friends as they encounter never ending dangers the city streets amply provides. As a string of tragic missteps take place Deake, the face only a mother could love, finds himself a loner once again.  That is until an unimaginable bright light surfaces.  Helena.

Mr. Peeps Canine officer

Mr. Peeps Canine officer 👮🏾‍♂️ of the bomb disposal unit Deake 0. Energetic, vivacious, headstrong, with a childlike wonder of life itself. 


Blu: Largely due to man’s inability to secure a peaceful co-existence the future world is plunged into the grips of a doomed icy apocalypse after the long-time nuclear bombs dropped. In a world where the earth is covered in 3 miles of treacherous ice and snow from sea level, through the machinations of advanced science the genetically hybrid Blu, a 6-foot 8 inch gargantuan strikingly deep blue eyed Siberian Huskey, along with 6 of his like sized canine companions are born! Blu, mainly partnered up with best friend and spirit brother Native Born Army Lt. Samuel Graceweather. Together they trudge through seemingly the last outpost of the below ground cavernous enclave with other remaining scientist and struggling members of the armed forces. All is due for a rude awakening when a mysterious high-level prisoner is housed within the last lock-up, Dr. Stephen Conley, who clandestinely not only have a working knowledge of why their outpost remains the final enclave alive where 7 of the last outpost went mysteriously dark! The inhabitants initially aren’t led on by Dr. Conley’s secrets with his leadership involvement with the sinister “Black Dot” project involving the infamous M.A.D doctrine  (Mutual Assured Destruction paradigm). Creations that not only brought forth Blu and his kind but the rise of the enigmatic dreaded META Men! When the last outpost meets it’s destined doomed fate, attacked by a horde of scientifically created ravenous “Bunker Busters”, it takes the combined friendship of Blu, Dr. Conley, Lt. Graceweather and the last remaining hold outs of humanity to wage the final last courageous fight for human survival!